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I think it’s Thor’s daughter in the future….. Maybe?

Its supposed to be Sigyn, the Goddess of Fidelity who, in norse mythology, is a beautiful blond woman who is Loki’s faithful wife. In the marvel universe, because she is in the comics a bit, She was meant to marry another warrior named Theoric, but Loki wanted her very much so he killed Theoric in the forest, disguised himself as the warrior and married Sigyn. When the truth came out, Odin wanted to punish Loki and Annul the marriage, but Sigyn remained loyal and so they were allowed to be together and she earned her title as Goddess of Fidelity.

She is always loyal to him, even when he pushes her away. The only myth that really includes her is when Loki is being punished by being tied down under a snake that drops poison from its fangs onto Loki, but Sigyn sits beside him and catches the poison in a bowl to save her husband who she loves.

Im 99.8% sure thats who the girl in this comic is supposed to be.

i love this comic

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Probably the greatest machine man has ever created
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Positive quotes
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Positive quotes

Have a great Easter everyone! #Easter2014 #Jesus is my homeboy.
Apr 20, 2014

Have a great Easter everyone! #Easter2014 #Jesus is my homeboy.

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